I am an art enthusiast & a self- taught artist.

My keen interest in art has led me to explore various artforms like, abstract art, botanical drawings,zendoodle and even Asian Folkarts.

I was fortunate to get the opportunity to get "Warli Folkart" certification. Participated in Indian Art Contest, Khula Asmaan, couple other art contests and even bagged in awards.

Developed folkart skills in workshops conducted by Penkraft, Bridge Bharat, Memeraki and Others.

My interest in art has been, since my school days, acing A+ in all art and craft assignments.

The experience of my first art venture at the age of 16 years, was exhilarating, as it gave me immense pleasure in the

form of appreciation from customers for all my artwork and art stationary. Covid 19 was a dreadful period, art proved to be an escape from everything.

Revived the dormant skill and started attending workshops and learning more.

My family and relatives, also have been my source of consistent encouragement and support.

I was looking for such a platform to share my interest with you and finally I have reached the right place.