Smita B P

My Art Journey

As an Artist I , Smita B P have been painting from two and a half decades.

In 1998 after passing B.F.A. painting in Bangalore worked as Art and craft teacher for eight years.

Side by side conducted art classes in the name of Bijje Chitrakale for children.




  Painting Exhibitions:

I have exhibited in one or two exhibitions with other artists once in Venkatappa art gallery in Mar.2019 and at India Art Festival in Dec. 2022.

Exhibited more than four online Galleries and two times in Chitrasante of Chitrakala Parichath.


  Two Excellence Awards, one Silver medal and India Icon Award from India Art Factory, Chennai.


    1.'Drenched','Upwards' And 'After the Grace' got Excellence Award.

   2.'Space and Ground' and 'Fishing into the past' bagged Silver medal.