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Amey Bhokare

I was born and brought up in Pune. Always had inclination towards fine arts and specially watercolours. To nurture this and to have formal education in applied and fine arts, I moved to Mumbai and graduated from Sir J J Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai for four years degree program BFA (Applied Art) in 2007. I started working with different advertising agencies & digital design studios, but always had passion for watercolours. I continued and nurtured this interest and keep painting whenever possible.


About my work:

While walking, on the way to any trip or just a random scene inspires me. I try to capture the essence, the mood of that subject and try to put it on paper in best possible way. Watercolour is considered one of the toughest medium to handle but at the same time it has an element of surprise and spontaneity. The capacity of watercolour to surprise keep me going and that is the reason I love to paint.


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