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Sunita Jajoo

"I Dream my Paintings and then I paint ." I am a Freelancer Professional Artist.Currently living in Surat,GUJARAT .Took birth on 21st September, 1977 in a city of Jodhpur, Rajasthan . Qualified as B.Com graduate .Being a homemaker ,I utilise my time in artistic work.I am a prominent artist and work in various kinds of oil,acrylic ,watercolour,tanjore,pencil work ,and many more .


Important Exhibitions :-

1.Surat science center 2013, Surat, Team

2.Surat science center 2015, Surat, Team

3.AIFACS Delhi (Jan)2016, Delhi, Team

4.Surat science center (Aug)2016, Surat, Team

5.BigFoot LOUTOLIM Goa (Dec)2016, Goa,Team

6.MakingSuratKhubsurat (Dec)2016, Surat,Personal

7.SuratAirport (March)2017, Surat, Team

Upcoming exhibition
(21-24 September)2017, Nehru art gallery, Worli, Mumbai

Commission work /projects/ working with architectures /collaborating with kurti designers are some other sources through which I practice my art.I have done a number of group shows/exhibitions in Surat,Delhi,Goa  ️Even I had participated in the MakingSuratKhubsurat at railway station of Surat. ▪️Recently surat AirPort had given us an opportunity to showcase our work in the airport's gallery .One of a nutritionist, Mansi Thakar of Surat even asked me ṭo paint her walls with my Color essence and was Amazed by my work too.Recently a college of Fine art in Chandigarh, after completing 25 years had held an event where the Studio Atyantik had showcased my art too .I have been working from last 10 years and have satisfied my art each time.I feel blessed to have this art of making a White canvas board into a colourful imagination .